2 comments on “CALL ME BY YOUR NAME tendresse et émotion au rendez-vous! cela faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas été autant ému, et c’est en BluRay

  1. I »m very curious to hear what Milo himself thought about this movie; I don »t know if he published this because he agrees with it, or because he doesn »t but he »s committed to free speech. Elio reminded me of Milo too, but not the young-teenage Milo getting taken advantage of by authority figures. More like the late-teenage Milo who got into a relationship with an older guy and later said he wasn »t sexually abused at that age, the age of consent was « about right, and that relationships between consenting young men in their late teens and older men were a common part of gay experience. I didn »t get the impression that Oliver was rejecting Elio to reel him in. I got the impression that he made a pass at him once, thought better of it, and then resisted Elio »s persistence for the better part of the summer before finally giving in. As for the Perlmans, I see why the author of this piece drew her conclusions, but I don »t agree with them.

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